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Why Join the Life Science Marketplace?

In addition to several unique features, the Life Science Marketplace provides high value tools to buyers and sellers of goods and services, helps improve vendor evaluation processes, helps reduce buy and sell times and improves business transparency.

Registered companies include the top global CROs as well as other providers for you to search through and engage with. If you have existing business partners or vendors that you work with, simply invite them to this page!

We hope that you enjoy your Marketplace eSourcing experience!

The Overall Value For Buyers and Sellers

  • Increases Vendor Transparency
  • Best Practice Templates
  • Apples to Apples Line-Item Cost Comparisons for Better Negotiations and Savings
  • Increase Speed and Efficiency
  • Customize Your Projects to Suit Your Specific Needs
  • Be Discovered by Companies that Are Actively Looking to Source Services
  • Eliminate Redundancy during RFIs and RFPs
  • Use Your Standard Costs to Quickly Respond to Bids
  • Ask Questions in Real-Time
  • See Your Resourcing Requirements
Meet Sally Haller

About Global Life Sciences Alliance (GLSA)

GLSA addresses the growing needs and challenges in life science and healthcare industry today. GLSA has over 100 years of experience and knowledge in the industry.  GLSA has the ability to offer various solutions for today’s challenges and barriers impacting all types of companies.
GLSA offers tailored solutions which includes a comprehensive marketing and business development team, advertising, social media strategy (LinkedIn), and email marketing strategies.  Our team of expert and specialized marketing professionals will create highly relevant marketing campaigns to get qualified leads in your sales pipeline. These strategies are coordinated with our business development team for a comprehensive solution for our clients.
What are your challenges? Contact GLSA to learn more about how we can help you accelerate your speed to market.
Global Life Sciences Alliance